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How's My Driving?

So I'm not exactly use to playing this type of character. Any sort of feedback would definitely be appreciated! Am I doing good, bad, need some work here or there? Just let me know!

Thanks for your input!
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Estelle likes to read, she reads a lot, and there's a public library full of new material for her to get into. Plus, when she reads something, she remembers everything. The girl has a photographic memory and can recite anything that she's read. 

It has come to my attention, though, that some people might not want her reading about their characters or respective worlds.

So, to prevent myself from stepping on anyone's toes; I do ask that if you would -not- like Estelle to read about something, please post it here. I'll be happy to keep that in mind, and out of Estelle's hands. Just let me know whatever it is you don't want her to know or if anything is unavailable.

If you would like to post your permission to use information from your character's world, that's cool too and greatly appreciated!


((Edit: This excludes of course any intimate details about any one character or group of characters. These I would ask about first.))
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For all of your pink healer girl needs! Feel free to contact Estelle for whatever.

Mark according to the message! Action, Voice, Written, with the date. Thanks!
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[Some time in the late afternoon, Estelle wakes up to find herself sprawled on the snowy forest floor of Luceti. Dazed and confused, she pushes herself up and looks around. Immediately the chill hits her and she holds her arms close, shivering at a passing wind. She tries to to her feet, but dizziness quickly hits and she's on her knees once again. Its then that she sees her journal beside her.

Somewhere in her muddled thoughts she knows to open it and triggers the video feed. Those watching will see a pink haired girl with lips that are turning blue and chattering teeth. She tries to speak, but only a raspy little squeal manages to escape her throat. Green eyes widen in alarm as she tries again, but with the same results. Her hands quickly cover her mouth in shock, and in the next moment she starts waving them frantically at her journal.

Not knowing where she is or what else to do, she hopes that someone gets the message. She could really use some help right now.]

((OOC: Estelle is back from her mallynap and is temporarily mute. She's ended up in the woods not too far from the Lake House, so she's not very far from the village, but far enough to not know where she is.))

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[Things were going normally this day, and Estelle was busy making plans for the tea party. Around dinner time Estelle goes looking for Yuri and knocks on his door. When he doesn't answer, she cracks the door open a bit to see... a rather startling sight. Yuri's room is barren and she stands there in the doorway in complete shock for several moments. It.. was just like with Raven. They had taken Yuri away too, hadn't they? Tears start to well up in her eyes as she walks in and sees only a list regarding Brave Vesperia. Taking that, she hurries back to her room and shuts the door in an unusually loud manner.

After a few minutes of crying, Estelle realizes she needs to tell the others and opens up her journal to make the announcement. Her voice is heavy and choked as she speaks the words.]

Yuri Lowell is no longer with us. He has returned home to Terca Lumireis.

[Now Estelle pauses as she looks at the list and makes filters to some other people.]

[Filtered to Zack and Luke]

Zack, Luke, it was Yuri's wish that Brave Vesperia be left to either of you.

[Filtered to Sokka]

Yuri wanted you to take over the training school, Sokka.

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[A lot has happened lately, and Estelle knows that she's not the only one that needs her spirits lifted. Thus she has decided upon a date for the tea party that her and Susanne Fabre had been planning before Susanne's departure.

With a list of names of those she wishes to invite, Estelle has made some little flowery invitation cards. She's now going around town, handing out those invitations in person. They're all ladies that she's friends with or have met and would like to get to know better.

Her list looks something like this:

Rita Mordio
Patty Fleur
Ran Fan
Adele Leblanc
Nephry Osborne
Tear Grants
Cheria Barnes
Pinkie Pie
Raine Sage
Sheena Fujibayashi

If they're not at home, Estelle will track them down wherever they are. To make sure that everyone gets an invitation. Each invitation has the name of the person, the time/date, and place of the tea party. All written with Estelle's elegant hand writing. She's put a lot of thought and effort into this, so hopefully many of them will be able to come.]

((OOC: Feel free to run across Estelle while she's handing these out. You don't have to be one of the invited ones to talk to her! Who knows, she might invite you as well, provided you're a girl. The date of the tea party is November 13 at 2pm. The location is the Tea House, and there will be a log! Also, if you have CR with Estelle and your name isn't on that list... I've probably forgotten you. If that's the case, sorry! Just give me a poke and I'll add you to the list.))
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Estelle had been quietly kidnapped by droids just as everyone had started to regain their memories. She had been gone for several days now, and finally has returned. She's standing in the middle of the square, near the fountain. She looks to be herself at first glance. However, if anyone were to take a closer look, or knows her for that matter, she would seem a little... off.

The girl is standing there... just... standing there. Her eyes seem empty with a vacant expression. As if she's just staring into nothingness. Strange.

Those that approach her may gain no response or a nasty surprise.

((OOC: Estelle has been brainwashed! She's essentially a lifeless doll that will react very little.

Note: If anyone tries to touch her she may react violently, so be prepared for that. Think of it as Colette's condition when she was lifeless in ToS. She will be like this for nearly three days before going back to normal.

Feel free to approach or attempt to gain a reaction.))
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[After the Kin'Corans had left and the power cap was back to normal, Estelle found herself waking up in her room. Last thing she remembered was being in the smithy, healing Yuri's wounds, when she had collapsed.

The girl sits up on her bed, lifting a hand to her forehead as she foggy memories start to catch up with her. That's right, she'd spent a lot of time running to and fro, healing people. It had... really taken a lot out of her. She supposes she must have overdone it. Also, she was really... -really- hungry.

Not knowing how long she was out, or the physical state she's  in, Estelle decides to get up.

Moving to stand, Estelle quickly finds this to be a poor decision as her strength is just, not there. There's a loud thud that can probably be heard throughout the house as the girl hits the floor, followed by a moan and some mumbling]

[Later on that day, after Estelle has eaten and regained some of her strength, she will be out and about for a walk. Granted she's taking it easy, and was specifically told to not go too far or to use her powers. Thus she'll just be making a quick trip around the block as it were, not going any farther then the two bridges closest to House 12.]
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[In the early hours of the morning, someone may or may not see Estelle quietly leaving house 12 and walking to the bridge between house 14 and 35. It's there that she leans over to look down at the river below. Carefully she removes what looks like a piece of jewelry, her blastia. She looks around to make sure nobody is watching then reaches out to hold it over the river before... dropping it. The blastia hits the water with a splash and soon disappears as it's carried downstream. Whoops?

It isn't until a few hours later, when people are probably awake, that she opens her journal.]

Oh, it's terrible! I've lost my blastia! I can't find it anywhere! What am I going to do?!

[Her voice is one of distress but it sounds a little... off. Like maybe she's forcing it a little. Estelle isn't necessarily the best actress after all. There's a pause as if she's thinking, then continues.]

Oh! I know! Maybe Brave Vesperia can find it for me!
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[Estelle is sitting in the living space of house 12, quietly contemplating writing a journal entry. She has yet to properly introduce herself to the rest of the Luceti inhabitants. Aside from the few she's already met. She's already become familiar with several of the journal's features and debates writing or voicing an entry. The latter seems to be the most popular, but writing just comes more naturally to her. Picking up a pen, she decides to write. The words are written in an elegant, scrolling script]

 Hello Luceti,

My name is Estelle and I came here a week ago, today.

When I first arrived, I discovered that this isn't my first visit, but I don't remember anything from my past time here. I realize that some of you know me, and I would like to get reacquainted with all of you!

I would really like to know more about my previous time here. 

Also, I want to be of help in any way I can. If there's anything I can do, please let me know!

(( OOC: Feel free to respond in any manner you wish. Estelle will reply in like kind. ))
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 [ Estelle didn't exactly wake up in the most comfortable position. She was sprawled on the floor of the library, face down. Eventually she started to stir and groaned a little before pushing herself up into a sitting position. Kneeling, with her hands folded in her lap, the girl blinked a few times as she began to look around. This was an unfamiliar place, and yet not unpleasant, since she was surrounded by books. Confusion was written all over her features as she attempted to get her bearings. Just where was she anyway? Her mind was foggy and she was generally disoriented. Not to mention she looked a little silly just sitting there, having absolutely no clue what was going on. It finally occurred to her that she should maybe look around. Standing up, she took a few steps forward and peeked around a bookcase.]



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